Saturday, April 07, 2007

Turks & Caicos to Dominican Republic

On the 23rd we sailed around the west side of Providencia – sometimes it’s also called Provo - through the SW cut and onto the south banks to anchor with Carlos and prepare for the sail to Big Ambergris Cay where we planned to stage our trip to the DR.

Next day saw us beating across the banks very slowly and anchoring, precariously, amongst coral heads between Little and Big Ambergris Cays. In the morning we decided that we needed more fish and lobster for our trip so Carlos and I went snorkeling. Plenty of lobster around but, when Carlos speared a fish the local bull shark decided it was his and took it off the spear. It then proceeded to circle Carlos who eventually edged back to a coral head and climbed on top awaiting rescue. We decided the lobster were enough and called it quits.

That evening we stared in horror as the weather faxes indicated a tropical storm, possibly strengthening to hurricane, forming below Puerto Rico. It’s projected path was the Mona Passage between PR and DR and then the Turks and Caicos islands before entering the Bahamas!!!!!!

Fortunately the wind was predicted to become N-NW in front of Hugo, as it had become a hurricane during the night, and give us a fast sail to Luperon, in the DR. The next morning we bashed our way, against wind and current, across the Turks Island Passage to Big Sand Cay. Here we calculated the expected time of arrival in Luperon based on the changing wind direction and distance, 90nm.

We left that afternoon with Hugo less than 200nm ahead of us as the wind shifted to the north. Adagio was flying along at 7-8kts on a beam reach and threatened to get us in too early. We took in the jib, raised the staysail, reefed the main and arrived at the Luperon entrance right on sunrise.

Upon entering the anchorage and preparing to set out all anchors, tie off to mangroves, etc., for the oncoming Hugo, we were told not to bother. The anchorage is surrounded by mountains and the wind never exceeds 30knts. They were right!!!! Safe and sound until November..


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