Saturday, April 07, 2007

Boot Cay to Bahamas

The 30th of June 2003 saw us off to the Bahamas with a 15kt Se wind and the current pushing us along quite nicely. Arrived safely in Honeymoon Harbour, Gun Cay, the next day. It was a bit crowded due to the upcoming 4th July weekend, but a pleasant place nonetheless.

The 3rd we entered Bimini for customs and immigration and the shock of raised fees for cruising permits. $300!!! We heard fees were climbing but, were assured this wouldn’t happen until later in the year. Well, they decided to do it before the 4th celebrations and catch all the visitors by surprise. We were surprised all right.

Ken’s girlfriend, Kate, flew over for a few days so we stuck around and partied a bit. Tried not to buy too much ashore as the prices were outrageous. Returned to Gun Cay to stage for the banks crossing to Chub Cay.

On the 7th at 4am we headed off, alone, for Chub and the “Tongue Of The Ocean”. I say alone because Kenny had decide to turn back to Florida. He was concerned about handling the boat on his own and a bit lonely as well. We admired him for having the courage to know what he didn’t want.

At Chub we anchored outside the marina entrance and only took the boat in for some fuel. Meri decided that we should celebrate with a meal ashore so we made a reservation at the Yacht Club. Man!! Talk about being transported back in time. There were older English “gentlemen” about the place smoking cigars and sipping snifters of brandy. They even had black servants wearing full club uniform, white gloves, and speaking with an upper class British accent. We were treated like Royalty even though we appeared to be budget yachties!!

Afterwards we walked the club grounds in search of the ‘Slave Market’ and the public ‘Flogging Square’ to no avail. Must have been closed for the evening I guess.
The next day saw us up anchor and move between Whale Cay and Bird Cay to a shallow area FULL of conch. We feasted for a few days then sailed to Bottom Harbour on the south side of Rose Cay. Avoided Nassau altogether as we heard it’s not safe and quite a shithole.

Next day sailed off to Norman’s Cay – this is the place made famous in the movie “Blow” as Carlos Ledder’s hideout – and anchored off “Scotties” guest house and bar.

Over the next week we explored the ex-drug baron’s hideout, swam, snorkeled, and basically hung about enjoying the beautiful setting. This is one of the courier planes that missed the runway! Made a great little snorkel spot. You could swim in one end and out the other,no problem.


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