Thursday, April 26, 2007

St. Lucia

The 30 something mile trip to Rodney Bay was over in five hours. Once we exited cul de sac Marin and rounded Cape Solomon we entered the straights on a beam reach and 25 knot wind. Adagio hit a rare speed of 8.4 knots and we averaged 6.5 for this section of the passage. Truly a joy to behold. Some of the larger sailing boats were not too pleased to see us approach and pass them en route. We were usually the last boat out of the anchorage each time and one of the first to drop the hook. Two reasons, not early morning people, therefore more incentive to push Adagio to perform at her optimum.

I don’t remember much of Rodney Bay due to all the friends we met and partied with. Basically we stayed long enough to check in, catch up with friends, have some good meals ashore and check out the old English fort on Pigeon Island. Apparently on clear days it was visible from the French main base on Martinique. It’s now a port and partially restored.

The ‘Pitons’ further south was a picturesque little bay that showed promise for exploration and snorkeling. We had to take a mooring as no anchoring is allowed. The only one available was right under a cliff that sheltered us from the wind and Adagio’s stern was precipitously close to the coral heads. The snorkeling was beautiful if you didn’t mind the thousands of tiny, stinging jellyfish that had inundated the bay. “Should have been here last week, no jellyfish”, we were told. The mooring lines looked suspect, and finally, we were constantly harassed by the boat boys. “Do you want a tour, drugs, food, rides to town” etc. Don’t misunderstand, it’s a great service for those who require it but they kept coming and many didn’t like no thank you for a response. Actually, now that I think back, there was a guy who approached us as we were entering the bay, trying to anchor, who wouldn’t let go of the boat. We politely asked him to stay away from the boat until we at least had anchored to avoid scratching the side. He then offered to attach us to the mooring for only $10. That’s more than I paid for the boat hook. We only stayed for one night for the above reasons and the constant rolling we suffered all night. Meri hates the rolling and will make my life hell if she suffers for more than one night without sleep. I need to keep my love happy. Idealistic bay but shame about certain hindrances.

Next was Hummingbird anchorage in Soufriere Bay. Much more pleasant than the previous and permitted anchoring with a stern line ashore. We spent a couple of days checking out the cute little town, ate at the Hummingbird which came highly recommended and loved the beach.


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